After growing up in south Florida, Josh Rudd graduated from The Florida State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation & Leisure Services Administration. His graduation from FSU’s College of Education comes as no surprise considering his life-long history of work as a leader in the industry. Over the past two decades, “JRudd Scout” has been recognized with several awards in the areas of teaching, journalism & scouting. He was named the “Teacher of the Year” at Sports Leadership & Management (Miami, FL) for the 2016-2017 school year. His coverage as an MLB Senior Beat Writer was highlighted by RotoWire.com, and in his first year working as a recruiter, Rudd was named “Scout of the Year” by a global organization.

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Rudd has been a part of the baseball community in nearly every role imaginable and has experience through all levels of the game. He settled into his current role as an independent college scout in 2016 following the birth of his second child. Rudd explained that decision in a recent podcast. “My father passed away when I was 18, just a few weeks before my high school graduation. Looking back on it, I could have done a better job spending time with him. That experience made me realize I don’t want to miss out on being with my kids while they grew up, so I decided to get out of coaching and find an alternative that would allow me to be both with my family and at the center of the baseball universe. I feel like I’ve found that space.”

It was during the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak when @JRudd_Scout become a household name. He provided a platform that helped kids across the country find a college team to play for despite the high school seasons being cancelled. (The story was documented in an article by the OC Register.) His podcast “Quarantined Coaches” provided what seemed to be amateur baseball’s only fresh content during the shutdown. It was at that point Rudd’s YouTube channel caught fire & he partnered with Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) to become the lead content provider for @FlatgroundApp and @FlatgroundBats — the World’s #1 free recruiting platforms for aspiring college baseball players. Since then, the outspoken scout has become a globally-recognized face in recruiting by shining light on dark areas of the industry, highlighting college coaches, touring university, promoting programs, and helping players commit to colleges around the country.

“People often ask me what’s my end-game, or master plan. I always laugh at that because there really isn’t one. My view on life is to simply be the best you can be at whatever you are doing on a given day. If you do that, then everything else will work itself out,” said Rudd. “For now, I’m having fun doing what I love on a level I could’ve never imagined.”

Josh currently resides in Waxhaw, North Carolina with his wife of ten years, Rachel, and their two children, six-year-old William and four-year-old Nora.

To view Josh Rudd’s full resume of experience, click here to visit his LinkedIn profile.