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Since 2017, Coach Rudd has helped hundreds of high school baseball players reach their dreams of playing at the collegiate level. His hands-on approach has resulted in players committing to colleges and universities in every region of the country and at every collegiate level. College coaches lean on Rudd as an independent scout to help their programs identify and evaluate potential prospects. As an independent recruiter, Rudd develops a genuine relationship with his players and personally guides their families through the recruitment process using a unique game plan that is straightforward & fully transparent. (Click here to see commit gallery.)


Leading players and their families in recruiting is done on a larger scale through team functions. Rudd works directly with high school and travel ball coaches to design a recruiting plan that meets each program’s unique needs. There are many options to choose from when it comes to team recruiting programs; such as mentoring coaching staffs on the best practices for recruiting, virtual team meetings, or even a comprehensive 8-week recruiting program for the enter organization. The goal is to empower players, parents, and coaches to effectively take ownership of their recruitment processes.


Coach Rudd has traveled — both physically and virtually — across the country to speak with college coaches, MLB All-Stars, pro scouts and decorated veterans of the game. Rudd’s wealth of knowledge has proven valuable not just to families, but college coaches, too. Whether it’s a player trying to be recruited, or a coach looking for that next job, Rudd’s one-hour consultation sessions are a great avenue for those in need of a “quick-fix.”


“It’s all about making in-person connections and building real relationships over time.” This is a message you’ll hear repeatedly on J. Rudd’s YouTube Channel and it’s the reason he’s often invited to events as an influencer or Keynote Speaker. As a long-time educator, Rudd’s ability to stand affront the group and offer an insightful lesson is arguably what he does best.