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INdependent COLLEGE Baseball Scout

Since 2017, Coach Rudd has helped hundreds of high school baseball players reach their dreams of playing at the collegiate level. His hands-on approach has resulted in players committing to colleges and universities in every region of the country and at every collegiate level. College coaches lean on Rudd as an independent scout to help their programs identify and evaluate potential prospects. As an independent recruiter, Rudd develops a genuine relationship with his players and personally guides their families through the recruitment process using a unique game plan that is straight forward & fully transparent.


A nine-episode series covering everything you know about the recruiting process. In this educational series, J. Rudd provides the best information he has and offers an inside look at what he’s doing with his independent clients. The Premium Content Series offers the option to unlock individual videos, or gain All-Access which includes bonus materials and a Zoom meeting with Rudd. Click here for more information.


Leading players and their families is done on a larger scale when Rudd fills the role of Recruiting Director for a travel team. In this position, he designs a curriculum specific to meet the needs of a particular program. The goal is to empower all members of the organization (players, coaches & parents) so that they can effectively take ownership of their recruitment. As an organization’s Recruiting Director, Rudd provides a season-long education that consists of live meetings, individualized videos, and access to private databases, webinars, documents and more.

Prospect Consultant

Coach Rudd has traveled — both physically and virtually — across the country to speak with college coaches, MLB All-Stars, pro scouts and decorated veterans of the game. Rudd’s wealth of knowledge is something he loves to share through private consultations. Whether you’re just getting started with the recruitment process or sitting on several big-time offers, his expertise and connections within the game have proven invaluable to players and families around the world.


Coach Rudd has been providing a seemingly limitless amount of content via his YouTube page since 2019. In it’s first year, Rudd’s channel tallied millions of impressions, tens of thousands of watch hours, and nearly a half-million video views. The content includes hundreds of free videos that subscribers can access for education and entertainment. Rudd’s YouTube Channel features a variety of series’ that offer something for everyone. Become a Subscriber Now!

Flatground Content Provider

Rudd partnered with the renowned Flatground Twitter platform in 2019. Rob Friedman, an ESPN MLB analyst better known by the Twitter world as @PitchingNinja, is the CEO of the free Flatground platforms (@FlatgroundApp & @Flatgroundbats) that offer unparalleled exposure for uncommitted amateur baseball players. While Friedman provides the exposure, Rudd creates the educational content that is presented by the world’s largest college baseball recruiting platform.