College Baseball Tours Video Series

College Baseball Tours

Go inside the college game like never before in this 10-episode series. See modern athletic facilities, hear real talk, feel campus vibes, and don’t stop taking notes. In his first-ever content series, Rudd takes viewers on a wild road trip to 10 schools across the southeast.

Facility Tours

This ongoing series provides video tours of college campuses, athletic facilities, and more. New videos are added routinely to help players and their families explore institutions from coast to coast.

Pro Cuts

Pro Cuts

Get advice and learn from some of the biggest names in baseball. This series of candid interviews offers viewers a chance to hear from professional players on how they made it to the top.

Rudd's Roundtable Talk

Rudd’s Roundtable Talks

Baseball minds come together in this series of roundtable discussions. Watch, listen and learn as multiple college coaches sit in on a Zoom meeting to talk all things recruiting & baseball.

Quarantined Coaches

Quarantined Coaches

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic kept the world from going outside, but it didn’t stop college coaches from hitting the virtual airwaves in what turned out to be one of the most popular shows during the Spring of 2019. In a span of two months, J. Rudd sat down with over 60 college coaches for one-on-one, unedited interviews. The result was priceless.

Learning From Leo

Learning From Leo Mazzone

“Learning From Leo” is a special three-part series with one of the all-time greatest minds in the sport. This series of interviews with Leo Mazzone highlights the career of the former Atlanta Braves pitching coach who’s best-known for his tutelage of several Cy Young & World Series winners as well as multiple Hall of Fame pitchers. Rocking the whole way through, this GOAT of the game shares his secrets and stories – from Greg Maddux to John Rocker.

ABCA Convention 2022

Join J. Rudd, Flatground, and the team at StatStak as they make their way around the 2022 ABCA National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. This series of videos contains segments of the Flatground Recruiting Q&A with special guests Jeremy Sheetinger (Georgia-Gwinnett) and Dr. Chris Parker (NJCAA President), as well as interviews with coaches and vendors. The American Baseball Coaches Association is open to all. To become a member, visit their website at

Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner

Not every piece of content is part of a series. But you’ll find plenty of hidden gems in the Coach’s Corner.

Flatground Show

Flatground Baseball Show

Every now and then a special show pops up, such as the 2021 Call of Champions. The Flatground Baseball Show is a limited series of audio-only calls that are hosted by J. Rudd using the Twitter Spaces platform.

2022 D2 National Championship